The Western Cape is currently facing critical water shortages. At Boschendal we urge all our guests and staff to use this most valuable of resources sparingly, embracing a water wise attitude as part of their daily habits.

We are very fortunate to have some supply of water from underground springs and mountain-fed streams. However, we are doing everything we can during this time to be water-wise and use what we have with caution and respect, implementing measures across all facets of our operations to conserve water where we can.


• The farm has a major alien vegetation clearing programme in place which has resulted in the quality and quantity of the water increasing.

• We use cover crops in the vineyards and orchards to minimise water evaporation.

• Through the use of an innovative smart irrigation system, we only irrigate where and when necessary, thus ensuring not a single drop is wasted.

• We only use non-potable water for our gardens and swimming pools.


We encourage our guests to be prudent with their water usage and partner with us in our conservation journey. As such, we have removed the bath plugs and installed water-wise shower heads in our bathrooms.

Water saving tips for guests staying with us:

• Close taps when soaping hands, shaving or brushing teeth.
• Take showers instead of baths.
• Reduce your shower time by making use of the shower timer in your bathroom. 2-minute showers are recommended.
• While showering use the bucket provided to catch water. This water can be used to flush the toilet.
• Use a short flush or flush the toilet only if necessary.
• Reuse towels to reduce laundry requirements.
• Report drips and leaks.

The smallest change can have a big impact. Save Water, Drink Wine!


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