Kindly note our Deli will be closed for lunch & will reopen for dinner from 17h00 today

Please note that our Werf wine tasting will be closed on 21 and 22 of May.

Boschendal Estate

Please note that our Werf wine tasting will be closed on 21 and 22 of May.

Cherry plums are a unique new fruit that is a natural cross between plums and cherries. At the first bite the cherry plum is sweet and spicy and then it rounds off with a tart and plummy finish. It originated from the Zaiger Breeding program in Modesto, California and 80 000 trees were planted at Boschendal two years ago.

Cherry Plums are planted using an innovative trellising system with double row, high tree density and low tree-height which is ideal for Boschendal as we predominantly have a female workforce. This system allows for effortless pruning, thinning and picking without the use of ladders. During the first harvest 36 tons of Cherry Plums, which is roughly 90 000 fruits, were picked.

The Cherry Plums are round in shape and between 35-40mm which makes them ideal for snacking and packing into lunch boxes. Gourmet chefs and home cooks alike enjoy using them in recipes for pies, fruit salads and jams.

They are catalogued as a speciality ‘grazing’ option and with very small volumes available the first harvest is currently running commercial trails in South Africa, United Kingdom, Dubai and Singapore.

They are sold as Pixies at Woolworths so be sure to give them a try.

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