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Now there’s no need to wait for The Werf Restaurant to re-open for you to enjoy a delicious Werf-style meal. With the assistance of Executive Chef Allistaire Lawrence, you can try your hand at some of our favourite dishes.

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Chef Al’s Sticky Beef Short Ribs

Who can resist the temptation of sticky ribs? We certainly can’t and that’s why we couldn’t wait to share this recipe. In this latest cooking demo, Chef Al brings you all the tricks and techniques you’ll need to make your own Sticky Beef Short Ribs, just like our Werf restaurant chefs would.

The key to delicious and extra sticky ribs is in the marinade and our chefs have created the perfect combination. Once the ribs have cooked in the marinade to lock in the flavour, we start the reduction process. Although reducing the marinade might take some time, it is well worth the wait to get that finger-licking goodness to stick to the ribs. Plate them up with some spring onion, fresh chilli and coriander and you’ll be glad no-one’s around to see you devour these ribs!

Some more good news!

If you’re not feeling so confident in the kitchen or want to take the night off, we’ve got something special for you! Our Pop-Up Farm Shop is now selling delicious ready-made Werf meals that are perfect to heat-and-eat. The list includes our farm-style pies, homemade lasagne and even a few Werf Restaurant desserts that are sure to leave you wanting more. You can download our current price list below and keep an eye on our Farm Shop page for updates and new additions to the line!


We love seeing how you cook & enjoy products from Boschendal Wine Farm! Please use the #TASTEBOSCHENDAL hashtag when posting on social media, so we can see what you are getting up to at home

Download Sticky Short Ribs Recipe

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