Written by Boschendal

The Black Angus cows at Boschendal are free to roam and be social – as nature intended. It’s a little known fact that grazing is as important to beef as terroir is to wine, so with beef where the quality of the grazing and the personality of the farm comes through in the meat.

Boschendal’s beef is all about the subtle flavours of a pasture in perfect harmony with nature. The calves are born and raised in the fields, and all the cows have access to trees for shade and have plenty of space to lie down and chew the cud. These are social, happy cows and happy cows make for tasty beef.

Winter meat cuts like short rib and goulash are ideal for hearty family stews and slow-cooked dinners enjoyed at home. Our chefs have selected their favourite recipes using our new cuts of Black Angus beef to inspire your inner chef this winter.

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