Walk with Amal: Little Amal Takes Her First Steps at Boschendal

Written by Boschendal

“The world is on the move. Our climate is changing; a pandemic keeps us apart. We’re working with artists from around the world, bringing communities together to tell bigger stories of hope and humanity.” – Good Chance

This year, on Heritage Day, we had the privilege of hosting Little Amal as she prepares for her spectacular journey. Little Amal, a three metre puppet created by South African Handspring Puppet Co., will represent the plight of a refugee girl as she walks 8000 kilometres across Europe in 2021.

Little Amal took her first steps here on the farm where she was gracefully guided through our beautiful orchards by her puppeteer team from Ukwanda Puppetry and Design Collective of the Centre for Humanities Research at the University of the Western Cape. These first steps of Little Amal and the journey she is preparing for is a result of Good Chance’s bold vision and dedication to a great cause.

“Good Chance began in the Calais Jungle refugee camp in 2015, where it built the first ever ‘Theatre of Hope’, to bring people living in the camp together into our geodesic Dome for conversations, connections and creations”

Join us as we honour this initiative that forms part of the global search for hope in these troubled times. Follow along on Amal’s journey and take a step towards building a world inspired by the story of resilience and our shared humanity.


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