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Boschendal Estate

Our Excelsior School

At Boschendal, we’re not just a farm; we’re a community with a purpose. Our commitment to regenerating land, people, and community shines through in our dedication to education. Here’s a glimpse into how we’re making a positive impact:

Cultivating Young Minds

Guided by Principal Martha Khumalo, our Excelsior School offers high-quality early education and care for the preschool children of our employees. With 84 eager learners and a devoted team of 18 staff, the school fosters a Montessori-inspired environment where creativity thrives. During the holidays, we remain open, providing a safe, nurturing space for the children while their parents work, with additional holiday programs available to accommodate their older siblings.

Additionally, we offer an After School program for children from Boschendal attending Grade R to Grade 3 at our neighbouring schools.

Beyond Classroom Walls

Janet Baxter spearheads various initiatives with the local community schools such as inviting children to the farm to understand regenerative farming practices, art projects in the forest as well as STEM projects with the local university. We are fortunate to also have a long partnership with the Ukwandu Puppet Company.

Empowering Dreams, Creating Futures

Our dedication extends to adults seeking a second chance through the Second Chance Matric program. Through skills development, we conduct sewing classes and offer entrepreneurial guidance, to empower individuals and pave their way toward a brighter tomorrow.

At Boschendal, we believe that education isn’t just about knowledge—it’s about the empowerment and regeneration of our people.

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