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Boschendal Estate



Our inclusive early childhood development centre offers full-day childcare and holistic educational support for the preschool children of our employees. Excelsior accommodates 64 children with the help of 13 staff members.

The Montessori-inspired learning program includes singing, emotive expression, art activities, free play, maths skills, stories, and rest time. Excelsior children also benefit from an enrichment program that includes an introduction to music, movement, and cooking lessons.

Over the holidays, the school remains open to provide a safe, nurturing space for the children while their parents work, with additional holiday programs available to accommodate their older siblings.


Boschendal channels surplus harvest to school feeding schemes and community kitchens in the Dwars River Valley. Our emergency relief programme supplies packages of food and essential items to Dwars River community residents who suffer property damage or loss. In 2021 we donated 32,000 eggs, 5,8 tonnes of fruit and several aid packages.

Stationery Projects

Every year we provide a stationery pack to our employees’ children to relieve the burden of year-end expenses and enable the best possible start for the school year ahead. In 2021, The Stationery Project provided stationery to 489 children. The 2022 project sought to grow this donation to provide stationery to teachers in the Dwars River Valley School District.