Kindly note our Deli will be closed for lunch & will reopen for dinner from 17h00 today
Please note that our Werf Wine Tasting closes at 15:00 today. Our Cellar Door location will also not accommodate any walk-ins.
Boschendal Estate

The Future Of Farming

Working with nature for a greener tomorrow

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About the farm

We embrace regenerative ways of living

Boschendal is the farm with a purpose. We believe everything starts with our soil, and we use regenerative farming methods to ensure we leave the soil better than we found it.

Regenerative farming

We are committed to enriching and nurturing our soil and promote biodiversity across our land. Through our efforts, we provide a better life for our animals, produce fruit and vegetables of exceptional quality and nutritional value, and take care of the land for generations to come.

Actively Aiding Conservation

We care about the land we call home and are actively working to conserve and regenerate our soil and wild areas for future generations to enjoy. We implemented an Alien Clearing and Water Conservation Programme in 2015 and have actively regenerated 800ha. We can see the fruits of our labour in the rivers and surrounding vegetation, now cleared of alien plants and trees, which were used, in turn, for mulch and composting.

werf food garden

Every seasonal vegetable grown in our Werf Food Garden is harvested fresh to stock the shelves of our Farm Shop or served as delicious soil-to-fork meals for our guests. Keep an eye out for our insect hotels and free-roaming chickens as they keep our gardens pollinated and fertilised and our products full of healthy nutrients.

Recycling & Composting

Our goal is to have zero waste to landfill by 2026. We collect organic waste from our gardens, kitchens, orchards, and food processing workspaces for our dedicated composting area, and use this to enrich our soil.

Embracing Solar Energy

We’re constantly aiming to reduce our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. Our solar farm and on-roof solar generate around 2 million kWh of solar energy each year. Our ground-mounted solar farm has already produced 6,544MWh to date with 6,217 tonnes of CO2 reduction.